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Cari Art
Cari Art
Freelance Digital Artist
Paris, France


Cari works as Illustrator, Concept Artist and Animator for Video Games, Board Games and Comics Industry since 10 years.

Comics Artist for Glenat Editions (coming soon !!)
Lead Animator and Concept Artist for video games, Cari has among others worked on Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Remember Me, Just Dance, Life is Strange.
Illustrator for board games such as HitZRoad, Millions of Dollars, Secrets, Time Stories, Elysium, Pavillon Noir and Chroniques Oubliees.

Ubisoft, Arkane Studios, Space Cowboys, Dontnod Entertainment, GLENAT Editions, Widescreen Games, Black Book Editions, Repos Prod, Matagot Editions, Shibuya Productions, Origames, ECHO Films, ASYNCRON.

Remember Me, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Life is Strange, Elysium, Secrets, Millions of Dollars, Time Stories, Hit Z Road, Pavillon Noir, Fusion, Chroniques Oubliees, Shaan, Seuls.


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